Artist - Mark Hancock

Mark Hancock is a figurative painter

About Me

Anselm Kieffer said that ‘a painting is a conglomeration of failings.’

I have been observing, drawing and painting to a greater or lesser degree all my life. I am now lucky enough to be able to do this full time.

I believe in the hard won image and that painting is the result of much trial, error, correction and reworking. The transformations that a work goes through are passed over with regret in the knowledge that quite good has to be sacrificed to the hope of better, often in vain.

As a figurative painter I am aware of the history that I inherit. My work tries to deal with this through homage and direct quotation. I do not see figuration as a ‘return to order’, a regression into traditional academia or mimetic representation. The conventions of figuration and the weight of painting’s history and the orthodoxy of modernism are all issues up for re-evaluation.

My influences are wide and varied. Rembrandt and Caravaggio are constant companions together with Rubens, Titian and the ‘Greats’. I am regularly drawn to early 20th Century British artists such as Spencer, Gore and Sickert. Contemporary artists such as Jenny Saville and Eric Fischl also inspire me as do Gerhard Richter and Glen Brown among others. The work and methods of the ‘School of London’: Kitaj, Auerbach and Kossoff, always delight me.

I am sure you will see other influences. I hope you enjoy the site and my work, and if you wish do please contact me.

Since completing my MA I have worked professionally as an artist. I work from my studio at my home in Lutterworth. I have completed several commissions for portraits and have several others ongoing.


1982 – 1983: Oxford Polytechnic Foundation Course in Art and Design

1983 – 1986: Canterbury College of Art BA (Hons) Fine Art

1988 – 1989: University of Reading PGCE Art and Design

2008 – 2009: Middlesex University MA Fine Art

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